Monday, 16 April 2012

#EDL devote entire day to making themselves look like numpties

Are you all enjoying the fun and games over the #creepingsharia hashtag? Good.

Yep, it's been a day in which somehow....somehow...The English Defence League managed to look even more ridiculous than you already imagined them to be.

But let's give the EDL at least a nanogram of credit. One thing that they have a strong moral compass on is Islamist terror. And let's share a bit of common ground and agree that some things are just plain wrong. Under no circumstances should we offer even the slightest excuse for the meaningless slaughter of innocents in the name of some abstract political and religious ideology. That shit is just abhorrent. End of.



Also trying to add a little "context" to Anders Breivik's atrocity (y'know, like one of those bleeding heart lefty social workers who just need to stop making excuses for criminals) was @MarmiteMan4 who tweeted (and then deleted, but not before @moronwatch took a screenshot),

#Breivik is brave. You can't deny that, even if you think he was wrong. Imagine 100 Breiviks or 1000. Unstoppable...

Except of course that such "brave" armies of Breiviks would be stoppable by the quick expedient of some actual armed police turning up rather than just terrified defenceless kids. At which point the 1000 Breiviks would cack themselves in unison and promptly surrender.

Curse those liberals and their stupid "basic human decency"!

Other gems from @MarmiteMan4 include.


He's done more than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? Which is impressive, since his profile says he's 17. At that rate he'll be UN Secretary-General by the time he's 20. Unless of course, his parents ground him for kicking off Twitterstorms.

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  1. I've giggled all day at this and the creepingsharia hashtag.