Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Far-Right PR Masterclass

In the wake of yesterday, when the entire British far-right went to extraordinary lengths to make themselves look like utter twonks, one might argue that they need a bit of a PR makeover.

So, here's a few hints to the right-wing Twitterati on how to be taken seriously again.

First of all, be realistic about your own achievements. Don't claim credit for the work of other people.

 After all, some people might view that as hubris.

 Try to  be helpful to others, giving handy tips on self-improvement.

Indeed, and also make sure you know how to spell "leftards". Or "leotards". Or whatever it is that he's trying to say.

And finally, if the media are trying to portray your organisation as a bunch of violent thugs and criminals, maybe it's not a good idea to give your friends the nickname "Stabby".

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