Sunday, 15 April 2012

For inexplicable reason, Rupert Murdoch suddenly less keen on Britain

Britain hasn't been showing its customary snivelling servitude to the Murdoch Empire lately, what with all this, "Obey the law and stop hacking phones" malarkey. Don't peasants know when to doff their caps to their duly unelected foreign oligarchs?

All of which may or may not have had an influence on Rupert Murdoch's decision to shape-shift out of lizard form, open up the comlinks on his Death Star and tweet about the current state of Britain.

Cue the expected responses from restless plebians.

Although Beelzebub goes on to insist he "doesn't hate Britain", this doesn't quell the uppity mob.

UPDATE: Later today, Beelzebub tweeted this response.

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  1. Very funny post, brightened my day up. Good to have the whole thing laid out in a linear way.