Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Invasion of privacy? Maybe not. @NemesisRepublic @ewok_league

Yesterday evening, while snooping around the Twitter feeds of various far-right usual suspects, I came across a storm of outrage about a disgraceful invasion of privacy.

Incidentally, @NemesisRepublic strongly denied ever having been visited by the police, let alone having been warned by them. Despite what @WeAreTheBrits repeatedly claims.

So, what did @NemesisRepublic do to so maliciously out @stopsharia? Here's the picture she posted.

You know what, I'm no lawyer, but I think you might find it a bit hard to make an invasion of privacy lawsuit stick when you were caught sending abusive tweets to people.

Just saying.


  1. Nope, never been visited by local police. Never been warned or cautioned by them. I don't know about Sarah in Edinburgh and Liz, who WATB kept saying he had reported all last year, along with just about everyone else on Twitter...

    I have the kettle on... I suspect local plod far more interested in sheep rustling than an OAP who has ruffled a few feathers of the far right dim on Twitter :0)

    Poor WATB, though, I HAVE reported him, as have many others, to Plod for inciting racial hatred on the internet.

    And the usual load of lies and bollocks from Sheryl McNaught, a well known Twitter loon frae Scotland who supports BNP and EDL. I think that could be called having contacts with extremists.

    Can't decide if Sheryl is mad bad or simply too dumb to have a clue what she tweets. Er... Sheryl, wasn't it your pals who 'revealed' a not very secret name? Mine? And er... aren't you carrying that on here luvvie?


    Remember all your recent frothing allegations (lies actually) I made malicious phone calls to you and police would be round very soon to take away my computer? See, still here. Computer still here. My Jewish friends laugh at your stupidity too.

    Scotty, who threatens, makes sexist and homophobic comments, fakes the accounts of others and who outed himself? Good luck with that one son!

    That pic has been Tweeted and repeated so many times by many, wonder why Scotty @dialsquarescott has just decided he doesn't like it?

    I also recall his #FB pic being Tweeted. Is he still there?

    It's called social media luvvies. Put it out there, and folks will read it. Twitter isn't secret.

  2. Exactly. You didn't 'out' anyone. He accidentally put that information in the public domain.

    "Asians against radical Islam"? The guy looks about as Asian as Pippa Middleton.