Friday, 6 April 2012

The Joys of Imaginary Discrimination

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Right Ear. This blog will cock an amused ear at the rantings and ravings of the Right on Twitter. So let's get started. Today's post is on the theme of people who think they're being discriminated against, but really aren't.

On this pleasant Good Friday, I was thinking of popping out and having a listen to the religious maniac bellowing at passers by on my local high street. As it turns out, there's was no need. I could get the exact same experience simply by tuning in to Nadine Dorries MP's Twitter feed. Her Easter message is,

All Christains should invest in a X and chain, wear them loud and proud and flood the courts !

Oh sheesh, not that old chestnut again. Yep, we're talking about Eweida v British Airways. The God-botherer who took BA to an industrial tribunal for the right to wear a crucifix and chain. (Note for Ms Dorries - she took them to court, not the other way round, so it would only "flood the courts" if Christians happen to be particularly litigious.)

The Poundshop Sarah Palin fails to note that the outcome of the industrial tribunal cast Nadia Eweida in an entirely different light from that of a discriminated-against Christian. Not only did she ignore an 8.5 grand settlement offer and an entirely sensible compromise suggestion of a crucifix lapel badge. She also turned out to be a complete pain in the bumhole who had been refusing to work Christmas Day and proselytising gay colleagues.

Also from Dorries today, she congratulates James Delingpole for calling legal blogger David Allen Green an "abject tosser". Which is a bit like Genghis Khan congratulating Attila the Hun for calling someone a tad aggressive.

Meanwhile, @kejamieson, a Conservative Future member at Plymouth University,  tweets,

Also, it never ceases to amuse how unequal the UK civil service internships truly are. Despite them claiming otherwise.

Followed by

You can only apply if you're from an ethnic minority, or under represented socio-economic background. #EqualityFail

Ah, those unfair civil service internships. Why can't they be like those ones in the City or the media, where you can only apply if you can afford to work for free in London?

@kejamieson's Twitter profile describes her as,

Studying Intnl Relations in Plymouth and aiming to then join the Royal Navy. Aspiring defence journalist & keen polo player. Likes red wine. Conservative.

Because if there's one thing that screams, "I have a disadvantaged life", it's a polo-playing, conservative, aspiring Royal Navy officer.

I hope you have enjoyed this inaugural post. Anyone wanting to bend my ear, share some interesting/amusing tweets or just hurl abuse is welcome to tweet or e-mail me.

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