Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Right Ear Dictionary 1: Cultural Marxism

This is what may become part of an occasional series, helping to define some of the concepts discussed on the far-right Twittersphere. We begin by looking at cultural marxism, which has been in the news recently as Anders Breivik talked about it a lot in his shitty "manifesto".

Cultural Marxism (noun)
1. Loose grouping of German and British intellectuals from the field of critical theory and cultural studies. Influential in their field, but not particularly well-known outside of academia.
2. Borg-like assimilators of the collective psyche, plugging their leftist electrodes into every corner of political and social debate, until we all live in a virtual reality, something like what would exist if the Matrix was controlled by the Socialist Workers Party.

To give some examples of all-encompassing theory being described.

While searching for examples, I came across yet another member of the Chivalrous Order of Bedroom-Dwelling Fucknuts, going rather off-message on the whole, "That Anders Breivik? Nothing to do with us" line that the EDL, Jihadwatch et al seem to be trying to stick to.

All this is paranoid tosh, of course. One only has to go online to see that Twitter is being controlled by a completely different hegemony of cultural thinkers, hijacking social media to dominate the online discourse.

I speak of course, of the Beliebers.

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