Monday, 9 April 2012

@suzycasuals saving democracy from elections

The English Defence League's @suzycasuals is trying to muster support for a demo against a terrifying spectre that is threatening democracy. The spectre of elections.

Now, in all fairness, one thing I might agree with @suzycasuals on....

....Ouch. That felt weird. I hope I never find myself saying that again.

...But anyway, I'd be prepared to concede that George Galloway is not a particularly attractive figure. A shameless narcissist, a frequent opportunist and occasional sycophant to dictators. And let's be blunt about this, it's probably only going to be a few months before he takes an impressive electoral victory and completely stuffs up his own achievement. The guy has a track record on doing that.

Even, so, the reason he's now an MP is very simple - he won an election. Sure, he totally pandered to a communalist voting bloc, but the three main parties have been equally guilty of doing that when it suits them. Holding a demo against his win would be essentially a protest against democracy. And it's in the nature of democracy that sometimes people win who we don't necessarily like.

Also, he's not a Muslim convert. He's a practicing Catholic.

But then again, what do I know? As @suzycasuals says,

Well, she's got our number there. 

For some reason, I'm now trying to imagine what a Marxist Commie toby jug would look like.

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  1. I found this Marxist toby jug, not sure it is commie enough though.