Saturday, 28 April 2012

@WeAreTheBrits vs @NemesisRepublic...again

@WeAreTheBrits continues to draw attention to @NemesisRepublic's (entirely imaginary, not to mention defamatory) "arrest" by the police.

Why does @WeAreTheBrits seem to keen to impugn the reputation of a Northumbland pensioner?

Possibly it may be because of her tendency to draw attention to the contents of his Twitter archive. Contents such as this:

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  1. Ah yes, remember last week and your post about WATB and his 'personal police force'? It's STILL going badly for WATB, as police have STILL not arrived at my house, I STILL haven't been cautioned, and despite his pals claiming otherwise... my computer hasn't been seized either :0)

    See also my comments under your 'Invasion of privacy' post.

    WATB, sad little man. Clearly, not enough lurve in his life.