Saturday, 7 April 2012

You delegated the task of wishing Happy Passover, you anti-semite!

Yesterday, Louise Mensch MP suddenly tweeted,

Has Ken Livingstone wished Jewish Londoners Chag Sameach for Pesach today? Or has he ignored the holiday? Anyone know?

Certain people point out that there is indeed such a statement on his campaign Twitter feed. So he has recognised that Passover is coming up. However, Mensch begs to differ.

no he didn't. His tweets start with a K. The team did

Followed by

 @Ken4London can't be bothered to wish the community a happy Passover. Refuses a personal tweet "K" or statement, lets staff do it.


How disgraceful is it that after calling Jews rich, identifying them with all Israelis and refusing to recognise them as a culture,

In the interests of balance I should concede that Ken does have a few questions to answer about some of his statements that seemed to pander to anti-semitism. I'll also concede that Louise Mensch is fast supplanting Boris Johnson as The Tory Who Lefties Secretly Like.

Even so, the fact that he got his minions to put out a Happy Passover message rather than doing it himself is a pretty tenuous issue to get outraged about.

But if we're going to go down that route, I must protest that Ken Livingstone has utterly ignored the following celebrations and failed to make any public statements about them.

  • International Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Crowleymas
  • National Cleavage Day
  • My birthday

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