Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Right Ear Dictionary 6: The Churchill Prophecy

The Churchill Prophecy (theological concept)
Mystical vision by the late wartime leader, in which he foretold that the Waffen SS Panzer divisions would one day have their goals fulfilled by a bunch of students waving placards.

In the aftermath of World War Two, Churchill succumbed to a mix of wartime exhaustion, brandy and a slightly odd-tasting mushroom omelette. When he recovered consciousness, he wrote down the terrifying vision that he had experienced in his delerium.

....Yea, and the heavens opened and I did see a legion marching, and they did wear duffle coats and had placards. Lots of placards. And they did chant multitudes of slogans, and some of these slogans were a bit silly. 
And the Lord said unto me, "O Winston, you know that rampaging army that laid waste to Europe? The one that created untold genocide and destruction? Well, this lot are just like that."
And I did say unto the Lord, "What, even the one with the bobble hat and the packed lunch?" 
And the Lord said, "Especially the one with the bobble hat and the packed lunch."

Every religion has its heretics.There are some blasphemers out there who insist that Churchill never actually said this, and that it was actually the words of a 1930s American politician speaking in a different context.

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  1. Also see the WikiQuote discussion: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Talk:Winston_Churchill#The_fascists_of_the_future_will_be_called_anti-fascists.

    Incidentally, I'd never seen these words attributed to Churchill before. Perhaps I don't spend enough time following the EDL's deranged rantings on Twitter.

    Churchill did say something saying that Clement Attlee's Labour Party would need a Gestapo-like political police force to enforce their policies, so he was in some ways a pre-internet example of Godwin's Law in action. :-)