What prompted you to write this vile, anti-British filth?

A while back I created a parody Twitter account that got followed by lots of people on the far-right, perhaps misunderstanding its politics. As a result I found myself reading though quite monumental levels of hateful drivel. I created this blog as a chronicle of ideology over human decency.

What are you, some kind of Communist? 

I would describe myself as centre-left. Although at various times in the past I've been a member of the Liberal Democrat or Labour parties, I'm currently not a member of any party. I believe in strong public services, a tolerant society and positive action to tackle climate change. At election time I've historically voted Labour, Liberal Democrat or Green.

Why do you hate right-wingers, you snivelling liberal?

I don't hate all right-wingers. I can have reasonable conversations with people on the moderate right. It's extremism and bigotry that I detest.

Why don't you create a Left Ear for all those filthy leftist scum on Twitter?

I don't doubt that there's idiocy being spouted by the far-left, and if somebody wants to set up a Left Ear to document that (with maybe a Middle Ear for fanatical centrists?) then I'd happily read it, but I'm not planning to do it myself.

Somebody in the comments thread compared my mother to a llama! How dare they!

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